26 May 2011

Around the Farm

Joining Farmama's "around the farm" thursday...

hanging baskets,

eggs, eggs, eggs,

little diapers in the sun,

growing chicks,

and the chick who is constantly escaping,

bibb lettuce,

and other starts,


and farm hats.

23 May 2011

"Drive Thru" Eggs

New set up for eggs...a hand-me-down fridge in the window of our mudroom. So far, it's working well! For locals: we're selling them Monday through Saturday for $3.00/dozen or 2/$5.00.

19 May 2011

Around the farm

It's been a very rainy week month but we had a dry afternoon to plant, explore, play.

10 May 2011


We're raising some chickens for meat this summer. I think it's one of the boys' favorite packages to receive (second only to their Meme's).

The one odd-ball is our "free rare breed" which K is hoping is a rooster...

...that he is determined to make friendly with a lot of lovin'.

03 May 2011


The boys and I went for a walk to find our ramp spot today.


I love how so many of them grow right through the leaf litter.

other plants along the way... trout lilies

and trillium...

glowing green with delicious ramps