27 March 2012

a spring day

budding maples
nursing piglets
blooming forsythia
smiling farmboy
springtime treats


Despite the frustration of not being able to walk, to drive, to help around the house and farm--these broken bones have been a great lesson in gratitude. It has been easy for all of us to reflect on how blessed we are to be so mobile most of the time, to have so much joyful work fill our days and so much wonderful community to lift us up when times are hard.

I want to thank you my "online community" by giving away a jar of our syrup! This giveaway is open to all of our blog followers and subscribers (even if you join during this giveaway)
Just take a minute and share something you are grateful for today!

(This giveaway is open until April 3rd)

22 March 2012

change of plans

I'm taking a little break from blogging (seeing as though our computer is upstairs) while I let my broken foot heal! Wishing you all a wonderful week!

20 March 2012


~crocuses on the windowsill (from my boys)

~laundry on the line

~hunt through the attic for warm weather clothes (!!)

~sap buckets cleaned up for the year

~bike-ride on the rail trail

Happy Spring, everyone!

14 March 2012

Sugaring Open House

For all of our local blog readers, we're having a sugaring open house this Saturday! We're finishing off boiling and want to open the sugar house to friends and neighbors! Stop by for coffee and muffins and a taste of our syrup!
10-2 at the farm

09 March 2012


Well, we're on the mend. The boys are dressed today, and up a bit.

And I'm working on some projects. I couldn't resist this fabric.
I love the old lace curtains that were in the house when we bought it.
But we've been wanting a bit more privacy since we're right on the road.
Hopefully, I'll find another place for the lace.

I love this little spot in the dad made the bookshelf
and it's filled with activity books for the kids to do at their little table.

I'm also working on this bag for a gift. I used a hand-me-down tie for the strap
and fabrics I had around the craft room.

08 March 2012


It was a beautiful sunny day, but we spent it inside...

One little boy, just feeling better

two others, sick and resting.

Black beans soaking,

packages going out,

eggs getting cleaned,

and loads and loads of laundry.

Can't wait to enjoy the next "spring" day outside!

What did you do today?