26 April 2012

around the farm

Do any of you miss Farmama's blog as much as I do? 
One thing I miss the most are Sara's "around the farm" posts. 

around our farm this week~
signage out for summer
elderberries to plant
leaves coming (soon!)
lots of "hee-ya" play (our little micah loves horses!)
 bunnies on pasture
and baby chicks

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?


  1. Oh yes, I do miss that blog too. And I always thoroughly enjoy your around the farm posts.

    I also wanted to let you know I featured one of your etsy items on my blog here:

  2. I do miss them...but I enjoy yours! :)
    Yesterday I planted 6 blueberry plants....that I was able to buy for only $4 each....wishing there were more!
    Today I am getting some wire fencing to put around my rhubarb plants....because our dog keeps nibbling on them! :)

    1. What a deal! We just harvested some rhubarb for the first time this year. :)

  3. Love what is going on around your farm. Our little homestead is getting ready for the arrival of our first chicks, hopefully next week. We are also working on the garden, cleaning up the yard and adding some wonderful new things to my little mans natural playspace. So much fun happening this time of year.

    1. That's exciting--new chicks! The boys love that. :)

  4. Oh, yes, I miss farmama... but like Sheila, I like you, too!

    Today (I think? The days are running together) I planted lettuce seeds. They're very overdue, but better late than never - and the recent and current rains mean I won't have to worry about water while we're visiting family this weekend. My "homestead" consists of 16 square feet of raised beds, and an exclusively breastfed 2 month old. I figure that means I count as a small-scale dairy, right? Haha.

    1. I realized that I just undersold my "homestead," which really includes 4x16 square feet. But it's well past my bedtime and i forgot my math skills.

    2. ha! i like that! it should count as that b/c it definitely is a full time job! :) it's not too late to plant lettuce, we keep planting more all through the summer. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't have a farm, garden or homestead :( But my oh my do I miss Farm Mama..... So happy to have found your blog though, it's so lovely here!


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