03 April 2012

keep calm, craft on!

I've been enjoying Tonya's posts on fitting creativity into your days. And I've decided to join in with Nicole and "craft on". In the last few days, I've
--- worked on knitting a sunhat
--- painted with our 1 year old
--- started planning a simple embroidered gift
--- painted our milk-share sign (a job I'd rather not do... but finally finished!)


  1. beautiful creativity, I love your 'be joyful' page

  2. I second Karen, love the "be joyful" painting.

    Looks like you have lots going on, enjoy!

  3. I quite like the sign...I am thinking of having the boys make a sign for fresh herbs (like an lemonade stand but with herbs). Still debating, but your sign reminded me that we were thinking of it last year. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the "be joyful"!!!

    Here is my craftiness of the week..


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