30 April 2012

jeju's orchard

When Adam's father died a year ago, a family member offered to buy each of the boys
a fruit tree in his memory.   His dad loved to grow fruits and vegetables--and he shared that love with his kids and grandkids.  Adam and the boys just picked out and planted 
2 plums, 2 cherries and 2 apple trees in his memory...
jeju's orchard.


  1. What a lovely way to honor his memory. My husband's father died a year and half ago, two weeks before my youngest was born. We've talked a lot about finding a way to remember him with the kids, but haven't come up with anything that seems right.

    1. What a hard time to lose a family member. I hope that our kids will think of their Jeju when we harvest the fruits of this orchard. It's hard to know how to help little ones remember loved ones that pass...

      Thanks for sharing~

  2. What a perfect way to remember and honour him. It will be so very special to watch them bloom and grow. And even more special to eat the fresh fruit from them :)

  3. What a great idea and wonderful idea to honor/remember someone special.


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