24 April 2012

~keep calm, craft on~

Joining Nicole to share what I'm crafting although my crafting has been on hold for a bit...
as I work hard to finish some wedding orders of soap!
Many thanks to a friend and neighbor for help.  
It's hard to carry soaps around with a broken foot!  :)

And does crafting in the kitchen count?  
For the first time in years, we aren't sharing Abby's (our milk cow) milk with calves right now.

Lots of milk and cream for us right now = lots of butter, buttermilk and cheese!


  1. Oh yes kitchen crafting counts! This entire post looks amazing - can I come over and work on all of these things with you? I do believe you are living my dream. Your soap looks so yummy, too :) Thanks for sharing on KCCO!!

    1. How sweet of you--I feel the same way about your posts!! :)

  2. Crafting of the very best kind! Your soap looks wonderful!

    I found you via Frontier Dreams' KCCO. This is my project of the week:


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