17 July 2012

seven things

Both Kim and Tonya shared what they are grateful for today, so I thought I'd join in...

~rain.  very thankful we've had showers off and on over the past few days.

~our garden.  we've been enjoying all homegrown meals many nights this past week.

~slow mornings.  the pace seems to have slowed this week for us, and the boys and i are 
enjoying a slow morning today.

~family.  my sister-in-law and nephew travel to michigan today.  and we'll be joining them 
in a few weeks. 

~my washer.  i'm so thankful for my washing machine on these sandy swimming lesson days!

~flowers.  i can't get enough!  i love the rainbow of colors blooming outside.

~little blessings.  we will be welcoming a new little one into our family in january,
and we are so very excited!


  1. Congratulations, such wonderful and exciting news..a new little one, yay!!!!

    I sure hope that rain is headed our way, we need it.

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. YAY, congratulations!! I was so excited to read your comment in my blog! I am due March 1st, so, most likely it'll be a late February baby. What day in Jan is your due date? I'm excited to be pregnant with you. :)


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