20 September 2012

any ideas?

Kaylo would like to be a woodpecker for halloween.  I have some ideas (black felt wings with black outfit), but would love some of my creative readers out there to help me brainstorm the best way to make the head/mask/beak!  Thanks! :)


  1. So funny you posted this - I had a woodpecker request for Halloween as well! Can't wait to hear people's ideas.

  2. I would paper mache the head/mask/beak...using cardboard for the beak itself. If you blow up a balloon to roughly the size of your child's head, you can build it up a layer at a time until it is just what you are looking for...oh, and I would use cardboard (from a cereal or cracker box) for the beak as the bottom layer of the paper mache mask.
    Regardless of how you do it, I hope you will share pictures.

  3. I would say a little red peaked cap with the black clothing, and then face pencils? Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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