25 September 2012

in the kitchen, on the needles

Joining Nicole today with some crafting in the kitchen AND on the needles.  
I bought the simplest lipbalm (just olive and beeswax) and loved it.  Thought
I'd make some for myself!
Lots of yogurt and fall raspberries
and lots of squash for dinner, too!

Finished the baby sleep sack and the Noro cowl.
And started this dress, although I read the pattern wrong...
I'm still going with it though, we'll see how it turns out! :) 


  1. All your knitting looks so lovely, beautiful colours.

  2. I use our "finish" for my lips too -and that is all it is:)
    Your knitting is just beautiful and you look wonderful too.

    1. I just polished our wooden spoons with some of the lipbalm--how funny! :)

  3. the knitting looks great!! i just finished a head scarf for myself in a rainbow mishmash of colors! i am such a beginner knitter. i just started mittens for my youngest though...i am bound and determined to become a better knitter. do you have three boys and are now having a girl? (we have three boys here!!) happy crafting!!

    1. have fun with that knitting--i love rainbow mishmash of colors! :) i'm mostly knitting for a craft fair right now...but maybe we'll be able to use some on baby4 if I don't sell them! :)


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