27 December 2012

around the farm

checking out the warm high tunnel

daisy and abby

a new little one

one of the 5 trees we lost in the windstorm

vanilla butter cookies

glitter, glitter, glitter

22 December 2012


 I had no intention of disappearing from the blog for more than a week...
But we spent the week enjoying visits from my sister and her family
and Adam's brother and his wife.
We spent a day without power during a crazy wind storm
and many days cooking, cuddling and crafting.
Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

14 December 2012

Was planning on posting today, but instead just going to 
offer my thoughts and prayers to the families in Connecticut who lost
little ones and loved ones (and spend a little extra time tonight snuggling my little ones).
What a heartbreaking tragedy.  Praying for peace for all involved.

11 December 2012


Joining Nicole today with my finished Quaking Aspen Shawl.  I love it--the yarn is so soft and it's
very versatile.  I'm also sporting my new leaf hair stick that I just received from a mama friend.  (photos by K)

05 December 2012

it doesn't take much

snow, that is!  we had a couple days with a dusting of snow and the boys managed
to sled down the hills in our woods.  they can't wait for more!

04 December 2012


Oops!  Waited until dark (which is late afternoon now!) to take photos...  

Joining Nicole with my current projects-- working on pj pants for most of my nephews and 
started a knitting project for myself (um, oops again...should be working on gifts!) which is taking longer than I thought it would.  

Thanks for the sweet comments last week--I'm feeling much better this week!