31 January 2013


F and I took a little walk around the farm yesterday.  After a week with temperatures hardly
above 0º, it was a treat to be out when it was almost 50º!   But what a wet mess.  The snow was melting quickly--today, it's mostly gone.  Our farm is covered in "lakes" (as M calls them).
The older boys are hoping for another freeze.

29 January 2013

while i was resting

We have a pretty small farmhouse.  What could be a bedroom is extremely hot in the summer (former attic), so we use it as an office/craft room.  We're left with a bedroom for Adam & I (and the little ones) and a large room downstairs that serves as a playroom/homeschool/storage area/laundry (newly! Adam moved my washer/dryer upstairs!) but will probably be a bedroom eventually. 
 The older boys have been sleeping in the loft.  The floor was just a sub-floor, put down after our lead abatement a few years back. 
While I was resting up this past week, my parents put down a laminate flooring and built the shelves that now hold the boys clothes and treasures.  We moved my sewing area out of the loft and they have a book corner, too.  It's a pretty amazing transformation and the boys love it!

28 January 2013

a few more

Because I can't resist! :)  We are loving this very chilly week to 
snuggle up by the woodstove and cuddle our new little one.

23 January 2013


Well, completed 2 of the crafts on this list...but only have pictures of one. 
It's a table runner/center piece for a friend's birthday.  I'm not *great* at sewing, but thought
it turned out alright.  I used a heat resistant batting, so she could actually set hot dishes on it, too.

We made the watercolor hearts as well, but I used contact paper instead of stickers and the hearts
are a bit less defined than theirs.

I'm also making progress on my super chunky afghan!

Joining Nicole again this week!  Happy crafting!

22 January 2013

She's here!

We were blessed with a little farm girl yesterday afternoon.  
She arrived at 1:43pm, 6lbs 14oz & 19.5 in
No crazy ride to the birth center this time...I was still in denial that I was having her a week early!
But she was born just a couple hours after we arrived, and we headed home just four hours later.
She's been very calm, a super nurser and her brothers are in love!

21 January 2013


My sweet friends had a little get together for me.  Delicious food, crafting and sewing,
and lots of good conversation.  I've actually never had a baby shower or blessingway with any of 
my babies, so this was extra special.

17 January 2013

around the farm



abby and daisy

happy chickens

letting the sick little one watch "sarah, plain and tall" on the mini dvd player that we have for videos

What's going on around your farm or homestead?

16 January 2013


Some crafting I might try out before baby4 comes.


Lip balm (but without the essential oils...I tend to like mine "plain")