27 April 2013

pig pile

I didn't intend to have this blog so silent this week, 
but with a persistent illness still lingering, 
new glasses (constantly requiring trips to the "big city" 25 min away for adjusting)
and the other spring busy-ness,
it's been a bit hard to keep up.

This morning, one of our sows had 19 piglets (19!?!)! Make that 20! One was born as I was typing this!
17 18 little piglets are trying to nurse away right now in the barn.
It's very unlikely that they will all live
but we are enjoying silent moments of awe 
watching these sweet little babies snuggle close.

22 April 2013

signs of spring

farm babies
swelling buds
walks outside
dwindling manure pile
lounging cats
tilled soil

20 April 2013


We are sponsors on one of our favorite blogs right now and we're giving away a bottle of our maple syrup!  Head on over to Wooly Moss Roots to enter!

17 April 2013


banana spelt muffins
coconut brownies
homemade ice cream cake (requested by birthday boy)
...all for the surprise party that his older brother planned!

and my latest project, a baby for a special birthday next month.
i haven't made a waldorf-style doll in years
and i'm thrilled how he turned out.  just finishing up a little sweater vest for him.

16 April 2013

Taking a moment of silence today from my normal "crafty" post to think of those who
are hurting, those who have lost someone, and all those in need.

I'm going to quote my friend, Kim, who says it wonderfully~
My thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston, but also with our world. May the light shine through all the darkness we are experiencing and hope keep us reaching to make this world a better place for all of us to live in.

15 April 2013


Our farmboy, Z, is 6 today!
This little man is so mellow and sweet.  
We all love his gentleness, his elaborate stories and drawings,
huge expressive eyes and mischievous grin.
It's been so special to see his connection with F.  He has endless patience with her 
and a bit of a magic touch (he can *always* get her to sleep!)
We love you, Z-man!

09 April 2013


washing greens, greens and more greens
packaging syrup
working on school
hanging laundry
cleaning pipelines and pails
decluttering the barns
planting seeds
picking flowers

04 April 2013

around the farm

greens (!)
new spot for the chickens
ru and sunset
very berry pie (still working on our frozen berries)
salad for sale
tulips on the table

What's going on around your farm or homestead?