27 April 2013

pig pile

I didn't intend to have this blog so silent this week, 
but with a persistent illness still lingering, 
new glasses (constantly requiring trips to the "big city" 25 min away for adjusting)
and the other spring busy-ness,
it's been a bit hard to keep up.

This morning, one of our sows had 19 piglets (19!?!)! Make that 20! One was born as I was typing this!
17 18 little piglets are trying to nurse away right now in the barn.
It's very unlikely that they will all live
but we are enjoying silent moments of awe 
watching these sweet little babies snuggle close.


  1. awww! I want to play with them!

  2. Wow, congratulations!!! They are so darn cute. Enjoy.

  3. That's some pig! (sorry, couldn't resist) :)

  4. What kind of pigs do you raise? We raise Berkshire, but I like the brown spotted ones! :)


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