30 May 2013

venture vermont

For the past two years, we've participated in the Venture Vermont Challenge through
the Vermont State Parks.  It's a great program--you keep track of activities and outings and once you have enough points, you get free passes to Vermont State Parks for the following year.
 So, with our Venture Vermont passes from last year, we've
started visiting local state parks and working towards our 250 points for next year!

24 May 2013

around the farm

big soap order
onions and corn
puddles and greens
high tunnel
farm dog
chickens and cows

what's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

21 May 2013

for the fort

I thought the boys needed some cushions for their new fort.  I found some sale outdoor fabric at Joann's (our only local source for fabrics)--same pattern in three different colors, which also happened to be their favorites.  They carry outdoor foam as well...not cheap, that's for sure, but the boys seem to like them a lot and K even helped me sew them!

And our little farmgirl is 4 months old today--I want to stop time right now...we are loving every minute with her!

Joining Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On!

15 May 2013

latest project

Anytime my parents visit, they tackle a project around the farm. 
This time, the long awaited treefort building has begun!  
The boys are *very* excited. :)

14 May 2013


My mum and dad are visiting for a few days. 
The kids had a fun day with them while I was at work...
planting seeds
doing schoolwork

We're enjoying their visit so much!

08 May 2013


Finished the afghan that I started before F's birth.  It really was a quick knit for such a large project.  Hope my sister-in-law likes it!

And some simple mugs for mother's day gifts.  Just some gloss enamel paint baked on plain mugs. Interested to see how they wear with use.

I've been feeling overwhelmed, underwater, maxed out...however you want to call it.  
And it's only the start of our "busy season".  Not much crafting going on this week!

joining nicole

02 May 2013

around the farm

the kiddos
the birthday boy
my view
the new paths (the boys made some in the herb garden as a surprise for me)
little planters
warm days!

01 May 2013


The littlest farmboy is 3 today!  
...Our bold, independent little guy or as my friend calls him,
"the littlest big guy".
Loves to sing, "ride horses", help with any work, love up his sister...
His sweet little voice is one of our favorite sounds, even if it's bossing everyone around! ;)
We love you, M!