21 May 2013

for the fort

I thought the boys needed some cushions for their new fort.  I found some sale outdoor fabric at Joann's (our only local source for fabrics)--same pattern in three different colors, which also happened to be their favorites.  They carry outdoor foam as well...not cheap, that's for sure, but the boys seem to like them a lot and K even helped me sew them!

And our little farmgirl is 4 months old today--I want to stop time right now...we are loving every minute with her!

Joining Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On!


  1. What a great idea for the cushions. And wow, she is darling, growing so fast.

  2. What fun! Don't you just love fabric on sale?

    Babies grow up way too fast! What a little cutie pie!

  3. The cushions turned out GREAT!! So nice they were in the colors they wanted!

  4. The cushions turned out Great~and so nice they were in colors the boys liked~Hi sweet Fenna!

  5. Love that picture of your little girl!~


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