27 June 2013

photo shoot

Adam teases these moments, calling them my "photo shoots".
But sometimes, the light is just right
and the little farmgirl looks so sweet 
(and does something like finds her toes for the first time!)
and I just want to capture all the little movements, the expressions, the smiles.

21 June 2013

long days

This warm and sunny summer solstice will be spent outside baling up the last of our first cutting.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some sunshine, too!
Happy Solstice!

20 June 2013


The sun is shining (finally) we are making hay!
That, along with the weeding, the farmers' markets and the kiddos, has made our blogspace rather silent.

Hope everyone is having a lovely (almost) summer!

17 June 2013

at market

a bit delayed due to some technical difficulties... ;)

The little market in our town has started.
We have lots of greens, some young beets, syrup and pastured pork.
Another market starts this week!

16 June 2013

the farmer


with baby 1
baby 2
baby 3 and baby 4...
we sure do love him! 
happy papa's day, adam!

13 June 2013

to market

The small farmers' market in our town started last week.  
We've been working on getting our market stuff together (of course, we could have done this 
all winter!) ;)  Lots of greens, herbs and rhubarb for market right now.
More farmers' markets start next week!