30 July 2013


I'm headed westward with the kids...first to Chicago for a few days to see my sister and then a quick train trip to Michigan.  The blog will be pretty quiet for the next couple of weeks. 
Looking forward to spending time by the lake with family and friends... but first we have to get there.
Wish me luck!  ;)

29 July 2013

evening sky

It was a beautiful evening on Friday.  
Pinkish clouds, bright blue sky... just before dark.
The phlox looked like they were glowing.
It was hard to capture it on the camera...
but I tried.  :)

26 July 2013

around the farm

veggies (we're selling so.much.corn)
farmstand (open monday through saturday now)
friends (who help with mowing, baling, wonderful)
morning glories and grapes (competing for fence)
hay barn (filling up)
flowers (and lots of milkweed, which doesn't get weeded out... we love our butterflies)
hydrangea (love.)
blueberries and kittens (picking and playing)

24 July 2013

the boys' garden

Remember in June when the boys cleaned out the old perennial garden?
Well, the seeds they planted didn't come up (too deep?  too old?)
So, we went to a flower sale at a local greenhouse and they picked some out.
They also planted a pumpkin seed and left the phlox and milkweed that was already growing. 
Looking much better than last year!

18 July 2013

around the farm

 washing station
the h
high tunnel
abby and jemima
first sunflower
the digger
herb jungle

what's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

17 July 2013

the remington

We found this typewriter in the barn when we bought our farm.
I searched the internet for ribbon (and lucked out!) and it's become my label maker for our soaps.
Today, this was my I worked on 180 soap labels (anytime I got a moment without a toddler or baby grabbing for the keys)

12 July 2013

11 July 2013

around the farm

Yes, I had good intentions of an "around the farm" post every week...
But everything around the farm is keeping me too busy!

The first blueberries are being nibbled up quickly!
Our new "salad spinner" is making washing much simpler.
The high tunnel looks great (well, except for some issues with potato beetles on eggplants and various things on the tomatoes)
Getting into the harvesting routine again...
and someone started drawing banjos (all.the.time) :)