24 September 2013

getting ready

I'm behind on my crafting for our big holiday fair in November... maybe it's the 4th farm kid or the 4th grader, which has stretched out our homeschooling day.  Anyway, I've been trying to get a few things done here and there.  I made some more Honey Bee Balm (just like last year, but nicer tubes) and washcloths (for a custom order and for gift jars).
Slowly, but surely... 
Joining Nicole this week.

23 September 2013

one more load

The weather was just right for us to get one more load of hay in from our friend's rented field.  
We bartered for the baler in 2011 and used it for the first time last summer.  This summer, we added more rented land and a small third cut, too. 
It feels so great to have a barn full of hay for the winter!

19 September 2013

around the farm

the boys' pumpkins
colors for market
morning glories and grapevines
busy piglets
abby, jemima and daisy
veggies coming (and going)
fall greens

18 September 2013

farmall hill

This weekend we went to Farmall Hill in Shoreham, Vermont. 
The kids loved it...lots of new and old tractors, machinery and even a horse-powered baler ("just like in Little House in the Big Woods!")
Fun little family outing.

16 September 2013


Sadly, our butternuts did nothing this year (we loooove butternuts here).  
BUT, our new england pie pumpkins did really well.
Adam's harvest 80 bushels of seconds to feed to our pigs and we've filled the wagon with pumpkins to sell (with many more in the field to harvest).
Feels like fall!

13 September 2013

10 years long, 80 years old

It was 10 years ago that Adam and I were married, on my Nana's 70th birthday, next to a pond down a little dirt road in Vermont.
Happy birthday, Nana!  And happy anniversary, Adam!  

12 September 2013


I have been trying to photograph lightning for years... (going through rolls of film on my collection of old manual olympus cameras) ;) 
We had the perfect storm for it tonight.  Perfect, except for a crying baby and 3 tired boys.  
I managed to get a few shots and then had to head back in for bedtime.