24 September 2013

getting ready

I'm behind on my crafting for our big holiday fair in November... maybe it's the 4th farm kid or the 4th grader, which has stretched out our homeschooling day.  Anyway, I've been trying to get a few things done here and there.  I made some more Honey Bee Balm (just like last year, but nicer tubes) and washcloths (for a custom order and for gift jars).
Slowly, but surely... 
Joining Nicole this week.


  1. You are singing my song. Our preparations for our fall shows are WAY behind, too. And it doesn't look like the farm work will ease up anytime soon. Your washcloths are lovely!

  2. love the stuff you are working on.

  3. PS...I love the bright colourful washcloths


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