25 October 2013

around the farm

happy pigs
high tunnel 
water in the barn (!!)

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

24 October 2013

fall walk

The corner of our field, just under two old apple trees, is where our property meets the Delaware-Hudson rail trail.  
Turn right and it will lead you about 18 miles south to West Rupert (through Poultney, Granville (NY), and West Pawlet).
Turn left and it will lead you about 2 miles into our town of Castleton.
It's beautiful (and flat!) and perfect for a bike ride or a walk with F and some homemade chai.
We feel very lucky to have it!

21 October 2013

inside out day

Our baby girl was born 39 weeks ago (at 39 weeks), which means it's "inside out" day here (as Uncle Brian would say).
It's the 21st, so she's 9 months old
and it happens to be mama's 33rd birthday, too.
And she's wearing a special dress handmade by Grandma almost that many years ago!
Happy day!

11 October 2013


This fall marks our 10th year on this farm.  
Growing up, I never lived in a home for longer than 4 years.  
Part of me can't believe we are still here, but I also can't imagine living anywhere else.
We started our stay here as a caretaking situation right out of college. 
It was perfect.  
I still remember the night we met with the owners, toured the farm and ate homemade strawberry shortcake in the living room.  The house was our dream-home--the pantry filled with large old jars (that I still use), the small room at the bottom of the stairs filled with books (we still call it our library and still have some of those books), the barn ready for Abby (our small heifer who we still milk today)...even a hoop house, tractor, sap buckets and garden tools waiting to be used.
5 years ago, they sold the farm to us.  
We've made a lot of changes-- removed lead from the house (and all the work that came after that), expanded the gardens, cleaned out and restructured the barns,  converted the shed and greenhouse, added a lean-to and high tunnel and bought more acreage.  We've turned the little homestead into a market farm.
But those first months are still so special in my mind, settling into our home.

**all photos from that first year, taken by my sister

04 October 2013

02 October 2013

fall projects

There are always many projects going on in the fall...
but this was a big one.  Water to the barn!  
Adam will have a much easier time this winter with a water line to the animals.

01 October 2013

been busy

visiting with my sister and nephew this week!
the kids are having so much fun together... more farm posts coming later this week.