29 November 2013

For the Locals

Today and tomorrow
at the Poultney High School
from 10-4
Great holiday market going on...
make this a "Green Friday"--shop local and handmade! 
We'll be there with some of our good friends!

28 November 2013


Feeling very thankful for this sweet little spot,
our four little ones,
our family and our friends...

Have a wonderful day!

26 November 2013

handmade holiday

Ornaments (bought the pattern here)
Baby gnomes (pattern here)
and a whole bunch of rubber band bracelets by the boys.  :)

25 November 2013

ready for winter

It's starting to feel like winter here... We've been busy getting the farm ready.
The gardens are getting cleaned up, the tractors are getting parked, the animals have snug places in the barn for the really chilly days (and we're enjoying snug nights by the woodstove).

19 November 2013

this week

Spent the week with my parents... projects around the house, a visit to eCHO, lots of walks and play, and of course a whole bunch of fun!

10 November 2013

little helper

I was making some chai tea jars this week and my favorite little helper wanted to join in.
So I set him to work with a few jars of his own and some extra spices while I finished wrapping up the rest for our upcoming craft fair.

04 November 2013

What's up

Our high tunnel froze last week, so we processed the last of our tomatoes for the year.
We also just finished working through several bushels of apples that Adam picked from a neighbor's trees.  (We're up to 145 quarts of food saved so far with some beets waiting to be processed this week).

We are still harvesting greens, cabbages, leeks and broccoli and have started going to a small farmers' market on Friday evenings.

I'm busy trying to squeeze in some crafting for a large craft fair at the end of the month.

We are enjoying evenings in front of the woodstove...reading, playing, knitting...
slowing down.