26 February 2014


Looking forward to tapping out...
But enjoying these winter days until we start sugaring.

21 February 2014


Days old

months old




Celebrating 10 years of life with this guy!
Kaylo keeps our lives full of laughs and learning...
We love you so!

20 February 2014

around here

Some random shots around here...
where we get creative with baby carriers,
where we *still* have berries in the freezer, despite how many pies we are making,
where the snow is piling up,
where there is always a helper in the kitchen...
We are enjoying this winter!

11 February 2014

sewing gift

The pictures are a bit dark--we've had some cloudy days here.  But I made a little birthday gift for a sewing friend of mine.  I used cardboard to glue the fabric to, but next time I'm going to try and do it with a canning lid instead.  I filled it with wooden spools of thread (left in our home when we bought it) and I just love the way it turned out.  (She loved it, too) :)

Joining with Nicole this week.

07 February 2014

winter olympics

Our boys haven't seen the olympics (we don't have a TV) but they've heard about the winter games starting and have been curious about them.  Adam found some clips online to show the older boys and then they set out to make a ramp and track for their snow tubes.  
Even Aunt Em, who is here for a visit, tried it out!  It's a fast track!

05 February 2014

a few around the farm

pigs in the snow
the quiet greenhouse
chickens on ice
a friend and the piglets