28 March 2014


I have been quiet around here this week-- it has been too cold to sugar, the baby has been sick, and at least one of us is grumpy each day because of the endless winter. 
But someone is always quick to remind us of The Long Winter and how lucky we are that we don't have to twist hay all day and eat coarse brown bread for each meal.  ;)
So, we wait.  Busy spring days are coming soon.

27 March 2014

out and about

This late spring means a little extra "down" time before sugaring and planting and all of the other spring rush.  We've been taking advantage of it with some family outings.  On a warmer day, we went snow shoeing at a Nature Conservancy preserve near us.

19 March 2014

every drop

I know it's a late season for everyone, not just us.  But the fact that we'd made more than half of our syrup by the time last year has us thankful for every drop of sap we're getting this year.  We've boiled a few days so far (with many very cold days in between).  
This has always been my favorite way to spend spring--snowshoeing in the woods with my family, collecting sap, congregating in the sugarhouse, enjoying the syrup... and by the final days of sugaring, we are starting to see (and hear) the signs of spring--buds on the trees, crocuses in the yard, peepers in the pond down the road.
Whatever this season brings, we are making the most out of every drop.

18 March 2014

DIY Beeswax Infused Fabric Wraps

I've been seeing beeswax food wraps around the web and decided to look for a tutorial to make my own.  I found this one, which looked simple enough, and gave it a try this weekend.

Basically, I cut fabric to various sizes (ideally, I would have used organic fabric...but I have a huge stash and can't remember what is what, so I just chose colors I like)
Then I grated beeswax (note: I have a grater just for beeswax b/c I have not found a great way to clean beeswax off of my grater!)

I sprinkled it over my fabric (a little thicker than what is shown above) and put it in the oven at 185ºF for about 5 minutes.  Once it was melted, I used an old paintbrush and brushed it evenly over the cloth. I added more beeswax, if needed, and put it back into the oven until I had coated the fabric evenly. 

It cooled so quickly, I didn't need to hang it to cool.  I used mine right away on some left over pancake batter.  I think I could have used slightly more beeswax, but it's working alright!  

Joining Nicole this week.

17 March 2014

from one day to the next

We got excited by a couple of warm days (which meant a couple of days in the sugar house)...which were then followed by a couple of days of snow (almost 2 feet!)

10 March 2014


March hasn't been my month for blogging.  
A little accident with tea = a dead mac mini.
And although we are fortunate enough to have an old hand-me-down laptop, it doesn't like to work with our internet.  So, we've had spotty internet connection and we are holding off buying another computer for a while.

We finished tapping out on Thursday but have gotten close to no sap at all. 
So, we're waiting and prepping and waiting.  
And we just used the last of our syrup, so I hope the sap starts running soon! ;)

06 March 2014

tapping out

The temps are still too cold for good sap runs, but we decided to tap out in hopes of a warmer weekend ahead.  Also, we may be getting just a little anxious for spring. ;)