30 April 2014

around the farm

kaylo's herb garden
anxious to mow
homemade "bagger"
her favorite blueberry bush (can't wait until she discovers blueberries!)
next winter's wood

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

28 April 2014


Signs of spring are here...some a month later than normal.
Our first crocus bloomed last week!
Peepers in the swamp down the road.
Cows moved across the road today.
Bikes, balls, shovels and trucks all over the yard.

This is the time of year I feel overwhelmed with squeezing in the homeschooling we haven't done, helping Adam with planting, adjusting to him being off of the farm more and I'm also working a little extra at our local co-op.
But, in the midst of it all, I'm taking my kids to meet-up with family for a few days somewhere between here and Michigan.  Looking forward to a few days away,  just in time to come home to 5,000 onion plants waiting to be planted.

16 April 2014


I thought I had posted a photo of some herbs that I had infusing in organic olive oil... But I can't find it.
Anyway, about 7 weeks ago, I put a jar of herbs and olive oil in the window sill (chamomile, yarrow, comfrey) and shook it every few days.  
Some of my kids have dry skin and rashes during the winter and neem oil seems to work well on it.
So I strained the olive oil, added cold-pressed neem oil and beeswax (I eyeball it, but about 1 part beeswax to 3 parts oil) and heat just until the beeswax is melted.  
Even with lavender essential oil, you can still smell the neem oil a lot...but it works so well that we don't mind the smell.  ;)

15 April 2014

Z's 7!

1 day old

months old

1 year old

1 year old

My big guy!
Birthday boy!

Zenon is 7!  This guy has the biggest heart and endless patience.  He loves farming and wants to be just like Almanzo Wilder (for his birthday, he just wanted a church suit, a wool vest, work boots and a straw hat!)  He is also a little jokester who is always trying to make everyone laugh.  We love you, Z!

(I wish I had more photos to post, but our "dead" computer had most of our photos on it)

11 April 2014

woods adventure

Many years we get a vernal pool in our woods...this year's spring melt has made it quite large and the kids are enjoying some canoeing in the woods!  

10 April 2014

short, but sweet

Our season is coming to a close and it was a short one.  
We only made half of what we made last year.  
But we are thankful for what we did make and we'll be enjoying it all year long.

03 April 2014


We have some syrup for sale again!  Let's hope this good sugaring weather continues!

02 April 2014