27 June 2014

at dusk

We are so fortunate to have our tall stand of maples on the west side of our property.  
By early evening, the herb garden, swingset, blueberry bushes and firepit are in shade.
I enjoy going out to the herb garden and weeding or harvesting herbs at dusk.
Fenna helped me gather chamomile tonight.

26 June 2014


It's that time of year again... the time to gorge ourselves on fresh strawberries while they are in season in Vermont!  Once again, I didn't pick these 40 pounds, I bought them from this lovely farmstand.  It just isn't worth my time for the (relatively) small difference in cost when I have 4 kids in tow (two of whom can help and two of whom will probably toddle/run out of the field!).

We froze about 20 pounds, canned up 17 jars of jam and ate the rest (shortcake for dinner, twice!) ;)
We may head back to pick a few more quarts before the season ends.

24 June 2014

sewn with love

My friends and I do little gifts for eachother on our birthdays...often homemade.  
I have so little time right now, but wanted to give my friend a cuppow lid and canning jar filled with her favorite tea, wrapped in a knitted cozy.  The cozy just didn't happen.
And then, it hit me that sewing one would be so much quicker!  
I picked out some fabric scraps that I thought she would like and use a covered button and hair elastic to fasten it.  It's lined with natural quilt batting.  I love the way it turned out!

Joining Nicole this week.

18 June 2014

around the farm

testing the baler
and spring greens quiche (almost all homegrown) ;)

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

12 June 2014

around the farm

chickens on pasture
endless weeding
little helpers
our "new" tractor (new to us last year, we are bartering for it!)
melons and peppers
my ferns and bleeding hearts (my favorites)

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

09 June 2014

out and about-- first swim

This weekend, we made our first trip to the river for a swim.
We were surprised it wasn't colder.  Everyone but little Fenna enjoyed it.
She was very worried every time someone jumped in!  
Looking forward to many more chances to visit our favorite swimming spots.

06 June 2014

the first market

(micah's view)
Our first market started, a little one in our little town.  
We didn't have much to bring besides beautiful bibb lettuce, spinach and rhubarb... 
oh, and Kaylo's cookies.  
But it was a great start to the market, and the kids and I biked into town to visit Adam there.

02 June 2014

the herb garden





mint, everywhere... and cilantro sprouts, too

the garden

his favorite

sunflowers, anyone?

Ever since we dragged an old hay rake out of our woods several years ago, Kaylo has wanted to use one of the wheels for an herb garden.  The hay rake ended up as scrap metal, but we kept both wheels for him to use.  This harsh winter killed most of my herbs, with the exceptions being chives and comfrey.  It seemed like a great year to start over with the garden.
We wheeled it over (those old metal wheels are heavy!) and he laid the bricks and transplanted the chives and the volunteer chamomile sprouts (which tend to be some of the first sprouts every spring).
When we bought our tomato and pepper plants, we picked up some more thyme, oregano, marjoram, sage, and a new one for us--cumin!  He also chose a few flowers to plant around the wheel.  
We have a lot of volunteer plants in this garden--mint spreads throughout it, cilantro, dill and chamomile are popping up everywhere, but the main one is sunflowers.  So.Many.Sunflowers.  
I used to hate to pull them.  I didn't have the heart to do it.  But by late July, the garden was completely covered by sunflowers.  
For the past couple of years, I transplant them as many places as I can and give them to neighbors and friends.  We have more than ever this year, so I have given up a large area of my garden to them.  Don't get me wrong--I love sunflowers...I'm just running out of places to put them all!