28 August 2014

something special

Peter Huntoon, a local artist, recently came and spent a morning painting at our farm as part of his "A Day in Vermont" series..
He happened to pick my favorite view...
the zinnias, the sunflowers, the chard and dill,
our first tractor,
the barn,
and the woodshed in the background.
It is so beautiful.  We love how he captured our farm.
Stop by and visit his page --Scroll down to watch the video of him painting at our farm!

27 August 2014

some views from our trip

We spent some time in Chicago with my sister's family and some time in Michigan with the rest of my family.  We are missing Lake Michigan (and family!) a lot right now!

23 August 2014

We're back!

The kids and I are back!  
After a great couple weeks visiting family, we've returned to
cool, damp days,
sunflowers taking over everything,
so, so many blueberries,
and tomatoes,
weeds and seedlings (and blighted chard and basil- *sigh*),
onions and (our wee little harvest of) garlic in the barn,
and fall raspberries growing...

It's a hard adjustment for us to leave family after such a wonderful time, but we've come home to a lot of work and a lot of food!  Off to pick blueberries... Have a great weekend!

02 August 2014

this week

The kids and I are preparing to venture to Chicago and Michigan next week to visit family.
It's been a whirlwind of harvesting, processing food, markets, homeschool portfolios, my own schoolwork, and travel prep... 
There is something about going away during these busy times that makes me add even more to my daily lists than I started with... ("The dog needs a trim!"  "Maybe I should put up another kind of pickles, too!"  "I know, I'll sort through the deep freeze while I'm putting blueberries away!"  ...That kind of thing)
I know after the flight, and the train, and the arrival--I will truly relax.  And thoroughly enjoy watching my kids spend precious moments with my family. 

01 August 2014


Early this summer, as I was weeding the garden rows that Adam planted, I found a special surprise... 50 (or more) feet of zinnias that he planted for me.  (Did I already share this surprise?  ...Oh well!)
I love zinnias.
I could just take photo after photo of these flowers.