20 October 2014

diggin' potatoes

Yes, she is sucking on a yummy earth sucker--
sometimes we must resort to such things to get the job done (keeping' it real-ha!)
We are fortunate to have many farmy friends.  One of our dear friends not only owns some great old farm equipment that we use (a tractor and corn binder), but also is very, very handy.
He recently got back a potato digger that he used 40 years ago (and then lent to another farmer for many years) and got it working again.
We used it to dig our biggest potato crop yet--more than 650 pounds.  We already had harvested another 400 during the market season, but the potato digger made digging up the rest a rather quick job!
We battle potato beetles every year and sometimes it means we end up with small potatoes, but they look nice and big this year even with the bug damage to our plants.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of potatoes. Way to go! So lovely to see everyone lending a hand.


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