29 December 2015

First Snow

We had our first real snow last night.  Icy snow, but it still made the kids quite happy.
There was sledding down the small hill we have, sled rides behind the cub cadet and a little farmgirl that was very shy about actually walking in the snow.  

Adam and I spent most of the day rearranging in our house...not an easy thing to do in a small farmhouse but my "craft room" got a lot bigger (shared with the toys and the laundry).  Will post pics soon.  :)  

17 December 2015

around the farm

Been a while since I have posted an 'around the farm' post.  
Many December days have been warm and sunny and the animals are loving it.

Milk cows in the sun
"the cub"
Manure pile gone-spread on the fields
Chickens in the high tunnel
Calves in the barn

What is going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

16 December 2015

getting our tree

Adam's brother and sister-in-law visited over the weekend and we went to pick out a Christmas tree while they were visiting.  It was a warm and sunny December day.  Our farmgirl was stuck on getting one just her size, but in the end we all agreed on a slightly larger balsam.  We are so thankful they made the trip up to visit us!

15 December 2015

handmade holiday

A friend of mine gave me some peace fleece partial skeins and asked me to knit a sweater vest for her daughter.  I was going to stripe it (I love stripes!) but after seeing many color block projects, I decided to try that instead.  Basically a "milo" without the cables... almost done.

I inherited a rigid heddle loom from the previous owners of our farmstead and never took the time to learn to properly warp it.  Last week, I found a video on the Ashford site showing exactly how to do it and gave it a try.  Very basic weaving--I feel like I need a lesson--but I thought they'd make nice table runners.

What funny weather we are having.  That is my kitchen in December!  We are all ready for cooler weather (and snow!)  I hope we get some before the holidays.

Joining Nicole today...

08 December 2015

handmade holiday

A few more handmade holiday ideas... 
I made many of these simple button ornaments.   Some as gifts and some for a "gift workshop" at our village school where kids can pick out gifts for family and friends.  

I brought some homemade deodorant to the holiday market we attended, but have extra for gift giving.  This stuff really works!  I started with one of these recipes but tweaked it a bit.

These little kits are so simple but my little ones love to sew while I'm doing needlework or embroidering.  Darning needles work well because they are not sharp, but look similar to the needles I use, so the kids are thrilled.  

I have some new items posted to our etsy site 
and I'm joining Nicole today.  

01 December 2015

handmade holiday

Now that our holiday market is done, I'm starting to work on christmas (and birthday) gifts.  I really like to keep things simple for gift giving...making what I can, buying other handmade items, and shopping at our local bookstores and village stores for the rest.  
My sister's 30th birthday is coming soon and I wanted to do something special for her.  I have knitted her many things over the years and couldn't think of another knitted gift she needed.  Then, when we were at Purl Soho, I found these embroidered hair barrette kits.  My sister has very long hair and uses clips daily, so it is a perfect handmade gift for her.  I have little experience with embroidery, but the kit was easy to follow.   I really love how it turned out.

I found a new mason cozy pattern to try.  I wanted it to fit around a mason jar with a handle.  With peace fleece yarn (or another worsted yarn), it knits up quickly.  With some tea, like the Love & Tea blend I'm waiting for, and the cuppow lid, it will make a sweet little gift, I think.  

Are you doing holiday crafting this year?   I'd love to see what every is making!  

Joining Nicole today...

26 November 2015


Thankful for the comforts of our farm, the blessings of family and friends, the peace and health we enjoy... 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

24 November 2015

our annual holiday market

Today I was busy packing up crafts for our annual holiday market on Friday and Saturday.  
We are headed down to Connecticut tomorrow for a quick visit with Adam's family and then headed back on Thanksgiving night.  

I'm looking forward to these busy days ahead.  

23 November 2015

flint corn

We have tried in the past to grow flint corn, and it grew great...but molded when it was drying and we were unable to use it.  This year we grew Floriani Red flint corn and most of it dried well.  I was so excited that I ground up a few of the driest ears to make cornbread.  We often eat homegrown meals, but this week when we ate our chili and cornbread, everything but the salt, baking powder and spices came from our farm.  

(I apologize for the crappier pictures, but I have been using an old hand-me-down iPhone to take photos lately.  It's cost prohibitive to use as an actual phone, but it is just so easy to carry around in my pocket to snap photos!) ;)  

18 November 2015

a weekend away

One of my dearest friends moved to Connecticut this year and I finally was able to venture down to visit her this past weekend.  My little farmgirl came along, since it is difficult for Adam to do farm chores with her and she still nurses at bedtime.  

It was a fun getaway for us.  We took a whirlwind trip into New York City to Purl Soho, went to Ikea, spent some time by the ocean, drank lots of coffee and stayed up too late knitting every night.  A pretty awesome weekend.