28 January 2015

the rink this year

Some years, after a good January thaw, we end up with enough ice to clear it for an ice rink.
Remember our rink last year?  Well, it's not nearly as big.  But it's big enough for a hockey game and the boys have not minded the cold, cold temps...sometimes playing until dark.  

27 January 2015

sleep sack

A friend of mine asked me to make a sleep sack for her friend's new baby boy.  
I used a washable yarn and this pattern...and added some homemade buttons, too.

Joining Nicole this week.

21 January 2015


Celebrating with friends and family.

Opening her ABC on Old Gates Farm book that we made for her.
The paper birthday banner we made.
Her cake made by Auntie Em.

Today!  Wearing her special new jumper made by her "meme" (grandma).

Micah's special birthday picture for her.

Fortunately, we had a special birthday party for our little farmgirl when my sister was visiting a couple weeks ago...because she is just beginning to feel better today (but probably not up for eating cake!)  

Two years ago, on a very cold and sunny day, she surprised us by arriving a week early...stealing all of our hearts.  This little girl gets so much loving from her big brothers and gives so much back through her smiles and snuggles.  We love her so!  

20 January 2015

phyllis mouse

Our little farmgirl is turning 2 tomorrow!  It is so bittersweet for me.  I love the little person she is becoming, but I'm so sad that my baby is growing so fast!

Last year, I made her a Maggie Rabbit, which she just recently started to carry around and love.  This year, I decided to make her Phyllis Mouse (which I'm guessing she may end up calling Maisy, since we are all fans of Maisy books here).  

Hoping little Fenna feels much better for her birthday tomorrow!  She is the final one in the house to end up getting the stomach bug.  (It did end up going through all of the kids).

Joining Nicole this week.

16 January 2015


We had a wonderful week hosting my sister and nephew. (cousin fun!)

Our current favorite documentary inspired some homemade skis (made by our 4 year old).

Adam has been busy working through a log load we recently got--next year's heat!

PIGS--lots of them!  Two litters of piglets in the barn right now.

Everyone (animals included) venture out on the milder days.

And now we are trying to stay healthy after a stomach virus went through 3/6 of us.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

06 January 2015

a baby hat

A little gift for a friend's new baby girl who was born on New Year's Day.  

Joining Nicole this week.

02 January 2015


We welcomed in the new year with a delicious lunch with friends.
And that night, started what we hope will be a regular winter activity.
We took an evening walk through our fields to the rail trail that borders our farm.
With a sled for M (and baby on my back), we walked to a bridge nearby...
and, in the darkness, found our neighbor who was also enjoying an evening walk.
Tonight, with less moonlight, we carried a lantern.
While dinner warmed in the stove, we walked through the cold wind and the darkness.
The busy road that cuts through our farm is quiet at night.  The whole farm is quiet.