31 March 2015

hearts for me

I completely forgot to post a picture of the hat that I made myself back in February...a Valentine to myself. ;)  
This pattern, but with different decreasing at the end for a shorter hat--but still big enough to stuff all of my hair into.  Made with peace fleece (one of my favorite yarns).

Joining Nicole...

30 March 2015

around the farm

Pruning pears (a week or so ago)
Piggies, piggies, piggies
"The shop"
some winter projects in the shop

24 March 2015

the first draw

A little late now, as we've had several draws of syrup--but it happened despite the cold temperatures.  
2015 syrup is up at the etsy shop now.  :)

20 March 2015

oh, spring

We are finally ready for you.  
This family enjoys winter--our down time--but the past couple weeks have been filled with illness after illness. 
Thankfully, the cold weather gave mama and the kids a little time to heal before sugaring starts up again and gave Adam time to fill the woodshed with next year's wood.

Oh, spring, we are ready.

Fedco seeds arrived
A few days of mud
More boiling ahead, we hope
Sourdough and garlic oil--a simple supper this week

13 March 2015

the first boil

And yesterday was our first boil...we sweetened the pan.
Yes, that is M in a swim shirt, which he thinks is what snowboarders wear...sipping a smoothie. :)

12 March 2015

the first gather

Our sugaring operation is small compared to many sugar makers, but it is large enough that each of us are needed when it comes time to gather sap.  This year, we increased how many buckets we are using (to 200) and decreased the taps we have on lines (to 100).  300 is about our max for taps in our 2 acres sugarbush.  

I think I say this every year, but I love gathering sap.  I love to notice the signs of spring as we spend our afternoons or evenings in the woods together.  There is an element of surprise with every bucket we check and satisfaction as we fill the tank.

I'm so happy to be sugaring again.