14 April 2015

stuck in the mud

After boiling out on Saturday afternoon, we decided to gather the taps and buckets after dinner that night.  With the help of a friend who was staying with us for the weekend, it went quickly...we loaded up the buckets on a trailer and Adam was pulling them out of the woods with the tractor.  ...Until he got stuck in mud.  Deep, deep mud.  

He probably spent just as much time trying to get the tractor and trailer out of the mud as we did pulling the taps and buckets from the trees.  
Finally, we left the trailer in the woods and we loaded the buckets onto the fork attachment on the tractor.  

Of course, while this was happening, there were four little farm kids thoroughly enjoying the mud.


  1. How fun, playing in the mud, not getting stuck :)

  2. Memories were made that day. 20 years later my brother, sister and I re-tell tales of being stuck in the mud.

    1. thank you for sharing--i love to think of that!


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