24 July 2015

our trip

I headed westward with the kids without a computer.  So, I've taken a pause from blogging for most of July.  We are spending time in both Chicago and Michigan visiting family.  Here are some glimpses of our time off the farm. 

the kids get to experience city living--we travel by bus and train
the bean
maggie daley park
sunset on the train
their grandparents' backyard
the annual cousin jump
foggy day at lake michigan
working at a community garden

We still have a few more days before we are back in Vermont.  Savoring every moment with family while we are here.  

03 July 2015

around the farm

Our computer is getting fixed right now and that means all blog photos must come from our iPad, which I don't often carry around the farm.  And all blog updates must happen from our iPad, which doesn't work the best....I can't even seem to scroll to the bottom of this post to write.  ??  

Our markets have started and our veggies are growing well, despite the endless rains recently.
The high tunnel is working wonderfully for the tomatoes.  Our peppers aren't quite as happy, but we are harvesting some small ones.
After some work we did behind our house this spring, which meant digging up much of the boys' "nature garden", volunteer sunflowers have popped up all over the backyard.  We left a large area of them growing with phlox and milk weed, too. 
We will have sweet corn earlier than any other year...the corn Adam planted in former pig pasture is less than two weeks from bring ready.

As I write, my big boys are camping out in the backyard, by themselves, for the first time.
I'm resisting the urge to go and check on them.  :)

What is going on around your farm, garden or homestead?