31 August 2015


It's that time of year when parts of the garden are looking a bit messier, 
vegetables damaged or missed,
leaves curling, lettuce bolting,
weeds I haven't thought of pulling...
But also the time of year of 
garlic drying and
hay mows filling,
of endless harvesting
and signs of the seasons changing.

As we transition to our school year, we have some changes, too.  Our shy, apprehensive sixth grader expressed a strong interest in trying the small, village middle school.  He is going to school all week this week to try it out.  As much as I missed him here today,  I love to see how he is being brave and giving this a try.  Our family rhythm shifts a bit in September, while still carrying on the schedule of summer markets and harvests.


  1. Good pictures of the end of the summer season. Hope your little guy enjoys his adventure in the village school. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.


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