29 September 2015

apple picking

Every year, we like to pick apples at Champlain Orchard.  A bit of a drive, but a beautiful one, with views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain.
They have many different varieties of apples to pick (which we've been enjoying in many apple crisps and eating fresh, of course).  

18 September 2015

missing them

We enjoyed a visit from my sister's family this past week, and miss them so much already.
My sister and I canned a lot of food (this corn salsa is so good!), took the kids to our favorite book store, and spent a lot of time just playing and working around the farm.

13 September 2015


It's been 12 years since Adam and I married under a willow tree surrounded by our families and some close friends.  It is my Nana's 82nd birthday.
Over the past several years, she has gotten more and more frail from dementia and in just the past couple of weeks, she can no longer clearly carry on a conversation.
My Nana was my favorite person throughout my childhood...she was kind, goofy, easy-going.
I celebrate this anniversary with mixed emotions--struggling with the 'saying good-bye' to her and the fact that I can't be more helpful to my family that lives near her, but thankful for the special relationship I had with my Nana and so thankful for these years of marriage.

10 September 2015

one last swim

The weather was so hot and humid this week, so unlike a Vermont September.
Even though we were very busy with the harvest and haying, we took an afternoon to visit our favorite spot on the river one last time before the weather changes.  

08 September 2015

rainbow unicorn

M's best buddy has decided to have a "rainbow unicorn party" for her 5th birthday.
I envisioned making a unicorn gift (thinking of a friend's wonderful creations), but I'm not good enough at sewing to make my own pattern.  I found a good pattern in DelilahIris etsy shop and used supplies I had on hand.  

With pipe cleaners in the legs, it stands quite well and I'm very happy how it turned out.  Fenna loves it too and wanted me to take a picture of her with it. 

Joining Nicole this week.

04 September 2015

second cut

It takes the whole family working together to get our hay up.  This is a field we hay down a beautiful dirt road near our farm.  A lovely setting for some hard work.  ;)

03 September 2015

01 September 2015

knitting again

I don't knit much during the summer...
but I've eased back into knitting by testing this pattern for a friend
"Roger Bear" was a fun pattern, made for her sisters' Nice & Knit yarn (watch for the pattern in their shop!)
The beautiful variegated green yarn is the Nice & Knit colorway 'surf'.  It's so soft (and washable, too).  This little Roger Bear will be heading to my niece for Christmas.