21 October 2015

thirty five

Today is my birthday.  I find them more special now than I did when I was younger... my friends plan a special outing for me, a break from my routine with the kids.  My mother-in-law comes to visit with dinner and dessert.  And I generally don't mind getting older.  :)
What seems so surreal to me is how it feels like just yesterday that I was a a child, spending all of my time with my siblings.  Or a 20 year old, hosting my sister for month long visits wherever I was living.  Or going on my first trip with Adam, our whirlwind trip to Martha's Vineyard.  Or a new mama with my baby always in my arms.  There is something bittersweet about those memories feeling so near; it makes time feel like it moves so quickly.
But I feel blessed for the fullness of my life and am looking forward to enjoying the day with family.


  1. Happy birthday!! Wishing you all the best on your next trip around the sun. xo

  2. Oh Happy Birthday - I also enjoy getting older - at least so far.

  3. Happy 35th Chris! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your family! Such a beautiful month to have a birthday!


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