26 November 2015


Thankful for the comforts of our farm, the blessings of family and friends, the peace and health we enjoy... 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

24 November 2015

our annual holiday market

Today I was busy packing up crafts for our annual holiday market on Friday and Saturday.  
We are headed down to Connecticut tomorrow for a quick visit with Adam's family and then headed back on Thanksgiving night.  

I'm looking forward to these busy days ahead.  

23 November 2015

flint corn

We have tried in the past to grow flint corn, and it grew great...but molded when it was drying and we were unable to use it.  This year we grew Floriani Red flint corn and most of it dried well.  I was so excited that I ground up a few of the driest ears to make cornbread.  We often eat homegrown meals, but this week when we ate our chili and cornbread, everything but the salt, baking powder and spices came from our farm.  

(I apologize for the crappier pictures, but I have been using an old hand-me-down iPhone to take photos lately.  It's cost prohibitive to use as an actual phone, but it is just so easy to carry around in my pocket to snap photos!) ;)  

18 November 2015

a weekend away

One of my dearest friends moved to Connecticut this year and I finally was able to venture down to visit her this past weekend.  My little farmgirl came along, since it is difficult for Adam to do farm chores with her and she still nurses at bedtime.  

It was a fun getaway for us.  We took a whirlwind trip into New York City to Purl Soho, went to Ikea, spent some time by the ocean, drank lots of coffee and stayed up too late knitting every night.  A pretty awesome weekend.

12 November 2015

dry beans

Adam and the kids processed our dry beans.  We grow just one variety each year for our family.  This year we grew Vermont Cranberry beans and ended up with a great harvest.  

10 November 2015

our current favorite

M's first linocut

Z's linocut

One of K's several prints

The kids have been wanting to learn how to make linoleum prints.  I ordered some softer carving blocks for the kids.  M was so excited that he started working on his print while I was processing applesauce and couldn't really help him.  He was so proud of his print that he carefully cleaned his stamp and took it to bed with him that night.  :)

I am not great at making detailed prints, but really enjoy trying.  The final three are some of the ones I've worked on this week.  It is definitely our favorite craft right now.

04 November 2015