05 February 2016


February is always a restless month for me.   Maybe it's this warm weather we've been having, or the anticipation of sugaring, or the restless kids who are more and more reluctant to homeschool.  

Last week, we paused our afternoon routine to join Adam outside.  A neighbor wanted some trees taken down, so Adam and a friend cut them down and began stacking them logs for next year.  We lit a fire (and then Micah worked on making his own) and sipped tea and piled brush.  

This week, the warmth and the rains meant flooding all over the farm.  The kids got out their winter tubes and floating around.  It was a very wet, very fun afternoon.  We hoped a freeze-up would make a good ice rink, but it seems to be draining before a good freeze comes.

I am even out of the rhythm in the kitchen.  (Pictured are some biscuits that F helped me with--flat but tasty).  What foods have you been making lately?  I need some inspiration!  

We bought many of our syrup bottles, which wait stacked in our mudroom.  
And the seed order at work (the co-op where I work) came in this week...that's a sign of spring-right?


  1. Wow, that's a lot of water. Looks like they enjoyed it. We are feeling spring in the air this week, but it is a bit too soon for me, I still need a little more winter :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I wonder if I would feel less restless if it felt more wintery--we sort of missed winter here, which is sad.


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