22 March 2016

cerisier en fleurs

I have been eyeing these dresses on ravelry since little F was born.  And, like usual, in the middle of many other projects, I dropped all of them to work on something new.  I wanted to get this done before Easter and I ended up finishing it in just a few days last week, so F wore it to church this past weekend.  Honestly, she has been wearing it every day since I finished it, so I'm thinking of making another shorter one as a play dress.  She chose the fabric, the Madeline Tosh yarn is the same that I'm using for another project I'm working on.  (Don't mind the shiner on her forehead...she had a little accident with a chair this week) ;)

Joining Nicole this week.


  1. It is beautiful, and looks so darling on her. What a sweetheart.

    1. Thank you! xo I love how it turned out. :)

  2. So sweet! I know Emmy would love one too.

  3. Ooh Kris this is Divine! She looks so sweet in her beautiful dress!


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