02 March 2016

mud like april

The trails through the woods are starting to look like the end of sugaring season.  The ruts in the mud are getting huge.  The extended forecast looks like sugaring season for us could be done in the next week or two.   But we are thankful for the great sap runs we have had--the best one to date was just two nights ago.  We collected 300 gallons as the sun went down.  Adam had to run to drag another tank to the trailer we had in the woods because we had filled our main tank.  Collecting buckets in the dark is not the most fun way to sugar, but we are thankful for every drop of sap.

(Syrup is back in our etsy shop, by the way.)


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the "tractor seat" for the babe. So great!

  2. Oh what fun. I need to try and get sap from our birch trees. I have heard it is good.


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