25 April 2016

My mum's father passed away yesterday. 
Like many families, my mum's family's story is long and complicated, with too many emotional details for my farming blog.  But, as I head to Michigan, with little F, to be with my family, I am overwhelmed with thanks for the past two months that my mum and her siblings had with him.  He spent these final weeks of his life dividing time between each of their homes...where they cared for him as his cancer weakened him, they talked with him, and remembered with him.  And I have learned many lessons in love watching them go through this.  
The traits that I will remember from my grandpa stretch back to his mother, who I wish I could have met.  Frugality, kindness, and generosity are in all of the stories I have heard about her, and are the heart of the memories I will pass on about him.
Rest in peace, Grandpa.

21 April 2016

out and about

We have strayed from our normal routine this week and taken the time to enjoy the rail trail near our home.  One direction leads into our town (2 miles away), the other direction has several ponds just a half a mile away.  We are so thankful to have such a wonderful trail right along our farm property.  My big boys have actually ridden their bikes into town on the trail (by themselves--a first!) to stop at our village store for a snack and visit the library.  

We also went to a nearby state park.  It is still not open for the season, so it's a great place for the kids to safely ride bikes (on pavement which they think is like a racetrack after riding on dirt roads and the rail trail).  Z did some fishing with a simple string and hook.  We are loving these sunny days!

19 April 2016

toddler tunic

I know I've said again (and again) I can't really sew.  I mean, I can sew a straight line--
a simple blanket, a simple skirt, a simple bag.
I have been wanting to push myself a bit, and when I saw this pattern on Melody's blog, I asked a friend if she had a pattern similar to it (or the actual pattern) as she has a large pattern collection.  She mentioned that Joann's was having a pattern sale and grabbed it for me, along with a few others for me to try.  She knows me well and looked for patterns that did not include buttons, zippers, or anything beyond my simple sewing skills.
This is a tunic pattern she picked up and the night I got it, I stayed up way too late finishing it... but I am happy to say that I followed the pattern and it actually turned out!  
It has gotten me excited to attempt a dress for myself... I'll keep you posted!  

Joining in with Nicole this week...

18 April 2016

spring on the farm

By the end of last week, the weather was feeling very spring-y here!
Flowers are blooming,
our greens are growing,
the kids have rediscovered some outdoor games and toys,
 (little F inherited that small plastic house from a neighbor and has fallen in love with it),
the pigs are loving their pasture area with cover crop,
the peas are planted and trellis is up...

Our farmstead (both people and animals) are loving this time of year.

15 April 2016


It's hard to believe that it was 9 years ago that our Z-man joined our family.  
It was just after noon on a snowy Sunday in April.  The rest of the day was so peaceful with the midwives feeding us, my best friend playing with Kaylo and my friend (and boss at the time) bringing over homemade ice cream and champagne.  The calm day of his birth is so fitting with his calm, observant personality.  We value these parts of his personality so much in a family with others with more "intense" energy...(like me!) :)  We love you, Z!  

14 April 2016

spring transitions

The chickens are now across the road on the cover crop (and loving it!)
and the high tunnel has been tilled and readied for tomatoes and peppers (still a month away).
But little arugula and spinach are coming up now and we can't wait to enjoy them.

13 April 2016

what i've been working on

With Mother's Day in mind, I've been working on some projects for the Mama Collaborative shop.  I'm having fun using my linocuts on fabric and have a lot of ideas floating around my head...I just need some more supplies.  :)

09 April 2016

a hike that didn't happen

I had great plans of hiking with the kids a couple days ago... and then only two wanted to go... and then when we left, it started to pour.  So Z, F and I decided to "get lost" on some dirt roads near us.  We stopped to walk through the rain to a lake and to a pond, we passed some very neat old farms and cabins and nearly got stuck in the mud (twice).  

We came home to two amazing rainbows that appeared to land right in our field!