05 April 2016

Another quick dress (and more...)

F loves her Easter dress so much that I decided to knit up a quicker one.  I found this pattern, which knit up very fast (though I just realized I somehow read it wrong and missed the stockinette section... oh well, it still looks alright!)  I aimed her towards some darker fabrics this time and she chose a vintage looking flower pattern (on grey--perfect for play!) 

Just days ago, on April 1, I posted my daffodil blooming to my instagram account.  We loaded next winter's wood into the shed/mudroom and it felt a lot like spring here.

Then, on Monday, it snowed (and snowed and snowed) and today we woke to just 4º temps here.

Lots of projects going on.  F found some tissue paper and we were glueing and drawing.  M was making up games on many (many) scraps of paper and we pretty much stayed inside most of the day.  I love this weather in January and February...not as much in April. ;)

Joining Nicole today...


  1. I feel the same about the weather, it just doesn't feel like April, does it? And we have more snow coming today :(

    Love the dress, so cute!

  2. I've made so many of these type dresses for my bigger girls (now 14 and 16) but they were crocheted. I will try this for my 6 year old. Thanks for the idea and pattern. This is my first time stopping by. Tricia -

  3. I love these little knit/sewn dresses! I think my daughter needs one! :)


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