25 April 2016

My mum's father passed away yesterday. 
Like many families, my mum's family's story is long and complicated, with too many emotional details for my farming blog.  But, as I head to Michigan, with little F, to be with my family, I am overwhelmed with thanks for the past two months that my mum and her siblings had with him.  He spent these final weeks of his life dividing time between each of their homes...where they cared for him as his cancer weakened him, they talked with him, and remembered with him.  And I have learned many lessons in love watching them go through this.  
The traits that I will remember from my grandpa stretch back to his mother, who I wish I could have met.  Frugality, kindness, and generosity are in all of the stories I have heard about her, and are the heart of the memories I will pass on about him.
Rest in peace, Grandpa.


  1. I am so sorry for you loss. Your photos are beautiful. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  2. Oh Kris, I am so sorry for your loss! He sounds like an amazing and wonderful person. The world will miss him!

  3. So sorry for your loss. Sending lots of love, light and peace. xo


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