19 April 2016

toddler tunic

I know I've said again (and again) I can't really sew.  I mean, I can sew a straight line--
a simple blanket, a simple skirt, a simple bag.
I have been wanting to push myself a bit, and when I saw this pattern on Melody's blog, I asked a friend if she had a pattern similar to it (or the actual pattern) as she has a large pattern collection.  She mentioned that Joann's was having a pattern sale and grabbed it for me, along with a few others for me to try.  She knows me well and looked for patterns that did not include buttons, zippers, or anything beyond my simple sewing skills.
This is a tunic pattern she picked up and the night I got it, I stayed up way too late finishing it... but I am happy to say that I followed the pattern and it actually turned out!  
It has gotten me excited to attempt a dress for myself... I'll keep you posted!  

Joining in with Nicole this week...


  1. Such a lovely tunic. Your daughter looks delightful in it!

  2. Love the tunic! I have two little girls, and I might have to pick up this pattern or draft something similar. Sewing clothes for my daughters helped me get over my fear of sewing clothes, and also helped me become better at sewing, so definitely keep with it if it interests you. I love your fabric choices too!

    1. Yes, baby steps for me...but it is progress! It certainly is much easier for me to try sewing simple items for my daughter rather than my sons (still way beyond my skill level!) ;)

  3. This is so adorable and inspiring to this "basic" sewer. I would like the tunic in an adult size, but couldn't do it justice like your precious model.

    1. Thank you! I am working on a similar pattern for myself--but certainly won't look as cute in it. :)

  4. Popping in for a visit from Frontier Dreams. I love your tunic! You may not realize this, but you made it, stitched it up yourself, so that means you can sew. ;) Keep going! You'll be moving on to zippers and buttons in no time.

  5. You know I love this already!!!!! And that pocket still makes me smile! Must make myself a big-girl version...oh, and one for my 7 year old sweetheart.
    Much love,
    xo Jules


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