24 May 2016

bonnet love

I had been wanting to find a toddler bonnet pattern to sew one for F.  After searching and searching etsy and other sites, I could only seem to find infant sizes.  Then, Soulemama posted this one
I bought it and made one that night...and then another one, and another one, and one for me (the grey one).  I would have included a nice photo of F and me in them, but we have been sick and busy and I took the above photos while she was napping. :)  I'll get a photo at some point soon. 

Joining Nicole this week...

23 May 2016

walking Jemima

Micah has taken up the job of walking Jemima, one of our milk cows, from the pasture each night.  She needs to walk separately from Abby and Daisy because she has a hip that is slowing her down.  He is so proud of this job, and has developed a bond with her.  

(If you look closely in the first picture, you can see a mama fox in the field--slightly above and right of our black cow, Abby--that lives under our neighbors shed with 6 kits...)

20 May 2016


Glimpses of what we were making around the house yesterday...
There are few meals that all six of us equally love, but Moosewood calzones is one of them.  
I blend homemade ricotta with mozzarella, our eggs and kale from last summer (and garlic and herbs) and everyone loves it!
I cut another 120 squares for my "someday" quilt...
and wove a few rows of some washcloths I am working on.
We read some of M's Maps book (I photo copy sheets from the activity book for everyone to do--thank you, Melanie for sharing on your blog--we love it!)
And, legos, of course.  The kids are always making new lego projects.  

18 May 2016

more sewing

I finished a tunic for myself and my friend made herself a dress--so we posed for a photo of all three of us in our matching Dottie Angel pieces.   

Though I didn't end up altering something I already own (this week's challenge), I'm still joining in with my friend Melody and her handcrafted wardrobe fun.

16 May 2016

the weekend

F and I made the trip to Connecticut this weekend and had a nice time at Adam's sister-in-law's baby shower.  It was also so nice to spend the weekend with my best friend, who has the loveliest place (the first photos), full of handmade items, and knitted, sewn and painted crafts she's made (or are in the works).  

We made the trip to Brimfield, too (which was *sort of* on my way home).   It was overwhelming to work through in an afternoon (we barely made it through a third of it), but worth the detour.  

I came home to very cold temperatures, and we have blueberries in bloom and tender plants growing, so we had to cover everything the best we could and thankfully, they made it through the night.  Looking forward to warmer temperatures at the end of the week.

12 May 2016

on the road again


I'm headed away again (with little F).  This time to a baby shower in Connecticut.  It's unusual for me to leave the farm this much and I find it a bit overwhelming to prep for leaving, even just for a couple of days.  But it will be nice to see family and celebrate the upcoming arrival of our first niece on Adam's side of the family.  

Months ago, I asked my sister-in-law if there was something I could knit for the baby and she like the idea of a baby sleep sack.  It's knitted with Madeline Tosh yarn (so soft and washable, too) and finished it off with some homemade covered buttons.   The second picture more accurately shows the purple color.  

I sewed up a bib/burpcloth combo, copying a pattern of one my sister made when F was born.  And I had to include our favorite board book with the gifts.  We love Marla Frazee's illustrations (she also illustrated these favorite books of ours).   I love how this book has breast-feeding, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping in it! 

As I buzzed around the house today preparing to leave, Adam slaughtered several pigs (among other farm busyness).  The day was beautiful and the kids spent hours outside, working and playing.  

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!  

09 May 2016

beautiful morning

I woke very early on Mother's Day to a beautiful sunrise and ran out, even before Adam was up to milk, to take some photos.   Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a belated Happy Mother's Day to the mamas out there.  

03 May 2016


I sewed a dress!  ...and it fits (mostly...I am a bit unhappy with how wide the neck is, but I'm already working on a shirt with the same pattern and altering the neck).

It's a bit funny that I posed by tulips, as the fabrics I chose resemble a dutch costume (my favorite one) that any local to my hometown would recognize.  

This is the pattern that Melody shared a couple weeks ago that got me tempted to try and sew.  I started with F's tunic and then tried out the dress

Joining Nicole this week...

And joining Melody here:

02 May 2016

my time in michigan

my grandpa on the tractor he gave us

my grandpa

lake michigan and 'big red'

my parents' back yard (a harbor off of lake michigan)

my nana

my grandma dorothy

tulip time is coming

I'm so thankful I was able to travel to Michigan last week.  I saw countless family members from both sides of my family because so many relatives from my dad's side came to my grandpa's visitation.  The funeral service for him was so moving.  Distant cousins of mine play bluegrass music and sang his favorite hymns in the most beautiful harmonies.  Despite the sad circumstance, the feelings of joy and love in the reuniting as a (large!) family were so much stronger than the sadness.

At the same time that we were burying him, his tractors were arriving in Vermont.  He gave Adam the two tractors that he had, which will allow us to grow our own feed for our animals because they are so much more powerful than the tractors we have.  It was so bittersweet for my mum and I.  We cried when we got a short video from a friend who filmed their arrival in Vermont.  But we will think of him every time we use them... And I found a wonderful picture of him on one of the tractors.

My sister and I also got to spend time with my nana (who is now in alzheimer's care).  We also met with a great aunt (who was married to my grandpa's brother) who was best friends with my mum's mum (who died when my mum was 7).  We know so little about my Grandma Dorothy but we gathered many stories and photos about her from my Aunt Girlie.  It was such a blessing.  

And, of course, we got to enjoy the tulips, though we were a couple weeks early for the Tulip Time Festival.  I haven't made it to Michigan in May in years, so it was wonderful to see the tulip lined streets of my hometown.

Finally, I arrived home just in time to celebrate M's 6th birthday!  My friend's mum made a (M-designed) cake for him that I picked up on my way back from the airport.  He was thrilled to have a family birthday party right when we got back home.