20 June 2016

solstice in the garden

Playing, weeding and enjoying the first baby carrots, snow peas and ripe blueberries!
Happy Solstice!

15 June 2016

around the farm

and catching up

It was a busy week last week!

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

13 June 2016

taking a moment

I've rescheduled my post for today and wanted to take a moment--a moment to lift up in prayer the friends and family of those who lost their life this weekend in Orlando.   These types of hate crimes, any types of hate crimes, bewilder me...and I am distracted today from my normal routine, sending out thoughts of love and peace to all those who are hurting.  

07 June 2016

Our M

Adam's mom came up to visit recently and she brought up a belated birthday party for M.  A homemade cake of his choice, fun sea creature party plates and some new art supplies for him.  They aren't the supplies you see him using in the linocut photos, those are my new supplies which he quickly grabbed to start a new linocut picture.  He designed the tractor and did most of the carving himself.  He's such a creative little guy, our M.  

My mother-in-law also interviewed the kids about me as a belated Mother's Day gift.  Three out of four of them said my favorite food was tofu (or a tofu related dish), the thing I'm really good at is cooking and I relax by knitting!  Very sweet (but my favorite food is yogurt!) ;)  

06 June 2016

first cut in

Our first cut of hay is in the barn (well, it was in the barn as of Thursday night...I'm just very behind with every thing--especially the blog lately!)

It went very smoothly.  We still hire someone to mow for us, but then we bale it up ourselves.  It's all on land we rent nearby our farm.  

Haying always stresses Adam a lot (what will the weather be?  can we get it done by ourselves?  will our old machinery break down?), so it's nice for all of us when it is done! ;)  It was our first time haying with our bigger tractor that we just inherited from my grandpa before he died.  We had to share some videos with family--it was pretty special.

We celebrated with this summer's first batch of our homemade, homegrown (raw) chip!