29 July 2016

I'm back!

I've been neglecting this space since our return.  We jumped right into two weeks of swimming lessons at our local beach.  With several kids taking different lessons, it ends up that we spend a good part of our day at the beach.  After years of letting this stress me out, I now try to embrace it, since I rarely pack up lunches and spend a day at the beach with the kids when we aren't there for swimming lessons.  With 10 beach days, harvesting, markets, my job at the food co-op (and regular old housework), these two weeks have flown by.

Looking forward to focusing on harvesting, preserving, homeschool portfolios and everything else I've neglected for the past month (like this blog)! ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

16 July 2016

camp jacoby

The kids and I are back after our fun, full adventure to visit family.