20 August 2016

missing family

I love that having visitors makes you do more venturing around your own area, even when you are spending a good chunk of the visit canning, harvesting and caring for six kids. 

We are missing my sister and her two kids after they spent a week here.  She was so helpful around the farm, and we were able to squeeze in a visit to Wonderfeet Museum, the Japanese gardens, Farm to Ballet at Shelburne Farms, and our favorite bakery.  We enjoyed the meteor shower on a blanket in the front yard, and took a night swim at our favorite river spot.

Wishing we lived closer, but oh-so-thankful that they made the big trip out to see us!

15 August 2016

around the farm

My sister has been visiting and we've been so busy harvesting, processing, canning, marketing and just caring for 6 kiddos.  She's helped so much with the onion harvest, getting a straw load in the barn, harvesting for farmers' markets, making wonderful homegrown's been great to have her and her kids around.

We've been blessed with a couple decent rainfalls in the past several weeks, so although we are still dryer than normal, the crops are doing much better now.

We have some happy piglets and two calves on the farm right now (the one in the picture is Tulip, a future milk cow for us). 

The weeds are doing *very* well this year and we are switching modes to mostly harvesting now, so our gardens are looking more overgrown.  My flowers around the house are also getting very overgrown...with morning glories mostly.  They seem to come up everywhere here.  

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?

08 August 2016

out and about: ballet

This summer, I have made a point of trying to get to some of the local events near us that I usually end up skipping because of the busyness of farm life.  We aren't too far from Saratoga Performing Arts Center, so I took the two little ones to the New York City Ballet!  They have lawn seating, which is not only kid-friendly but also free for kids under 12!  For just $15, we saw four different ballets (and some of my favorite, amazing dancers!)

Last night, F and I went to Farm to Ballet.  This is a very neat project in Vermont that brings ballet to many different farms around the state.  Each performance raises money for a different local non-profit.  The ballets are farm-themed (and even use farm materials as props--like the remay and irrigation pipe salad greens in the photo above).  We're actually going again next weekend when my sister and her kids visit (different farm, different fundraiser). 

(I apologize to my instagram friends who have seen some of these photos already.)