16 December 2016

It seems like December is passing by so quickly.  
We started this month with a family hike to a spot I hadn't hiked since college.  I was the only one who felt like hiking to the top, and I'm so glad I did (though I was racing the sun, but I made it back down before it was fully dark). 

The kitchen has been busy with baking Christmas cookies (and decorating them by lamplight), making our favorite family fudge recipe, ricotta making, the Taproot Magazine rainbow hummus recipe for the potluck following our children's sunday school program (and so much more)... 

And December has been full of gift making.  I have finished projects for both of my nieces (a mermouse to go with Phoebe's Birthday, and a Maggie Rabbit), a Henry's Hat to go with that book for my nephew, cloth napkins for my sister, earrings for a friend, a cowl for another friend, with a little testing of my new loom in between all of those projects.  

We have a small tree this year, that we chose from a local tree farm.  My favorite part of having a tree is seeing the collection of ornaments for each of my kids.  My mother-in-law makes one for each of them every year, and I make an ornament with their photo on it every year.  These years, just like this month, are passing by so quickly...I wish I could slow time. 

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  1. I love love love our second picture. Your loom is very interesting. Howe does it work? I agree this month has sped by. This year is ending pretty rough for me. I am ready for 2017. Merry Christmas!


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