08 June 2017


Well, the blog has been slipping through the cracks.
March was a busy sugaring month (we made 58 gallons this year, close to our goal of 60!)
Also, in March, my beloved Nana passed away.  
April flew by (though I pushed myself to learn both zippers and buttons and ended up sewing 3 dresses for the little farmgirl, 2 shirts and a dress for myself, and 2 button down boy's shirts this spring!)
 May was a fog for me...two of the kids were very sick early in the month, then I had a fever for 5 days, then I flew with the two little ones to Michigan for my Nana's memorial and returned home to welcome my parents for a visit.  
Somewhere in there, I mastered sourdough bread (finally!) and have been selling it at farmers' market.  
Last week, we bid farewell to our very first calf, Abby, who we bought when we were in college (14 years ago).  We raised her up and 2 years later, we had our very own raw milk.   She's been a great animal and we will all miss her.
The next few weeks always feels like the busiest of the whole year.  I am still trying to homeschool, the weeds are coming on strong, we are planting every day, markets are starting, and Adam is watching for a good, dry few days to make our first cut of hay.  
Once again, I'm going to try and post here.  Maybe I'll aim for a weekly post with farm updates.


  1. I love seeing pieces of your life. Glad you all are well. I am sure you will miss your Nana.
    Love from West Virginia

  2. You aren't the only one with a blog slipping through the cracks...haha. Mine has too. I still love seeing the little bits of your life in this quick catch ups. So sorry for the loss of your nana, and the calf...hugs. I will stop in and catch up whenever you pressure :)

  3. Hi! What are you up to for Fall? I just found your blog and I just know you have some photogenic pumpkins there :-) and are probably working on a craft?

    Your farmer's market photos are absolutely lovely and INSPIRING. Thank you so much.

    1. I'm so behind on blogging, but thank you for you comments! Very busy fall here on the farm. If you are on instagram you can find snippets of our days at oldgatesfarm :)

  4. Are the maples turned there? Ours in Virginia are just starting to turn on the very tips at the top.


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