30 October 2017


It's been a busy and full fall here on the farm.
Our markets finished in early October, and we've been working on projects both inside and outside since.  We are still busy preserving food, putting up many (many!) raspberries before our killing frost in mid October, and freezing many bags of kale, spinach, cauliflower and green beans since.  
I've worked on some bigger projects this fall, like my Welcome Blanket.  And some bags, a cowl, a dress and skirt.  Now I'm trying to finish up some smaller projects for the two day market we do after Thanksgiving.

Our squash harvest was disappointing.  Damage from the wet weather earlier in the fall and the millions(!) of squash bugs meant that more than half of our pumpkins and butternuts went to the pigs.  

We are waiting for our milk cow, Jemima, to give birth, we are cleaning up from a massive wind storm we had last night, we are trying to find balance with homeschooling and farmlife demands, and we are looking forward to our slower months ahead.

(I'm horrible at keeping up here, but do post snippets of farm life on our instagram account at oldgatesfarm)   


  1. So much beauty, and such abundance, even with losing so much squash! Love seeing you back here.

  2. telll...did you share the heart shaped raspberry with anyone?! x

  3. Thank you for your reply to my comment and for your autumn post here. The photos are lovely! Love the sunflower, the bread, the raspberry, the in the world do you do all that you do??? :-) I do understand about looking forward to slower months. I live with ones who dread the "killing frost," but I'm more watering and feeding! :-) Thanks again for writing. I may have to open an instagram...


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